Info and Commands

This Gurbani Bot was made for easily searching for Gurbani and other Sikh Texts from Discord!

NOTE: These instructions can also be read in Discord by typing in command !gurbani help

Type the letter of the source you want to search, then the Search Term (In either Gurmukhi or English).
Please look at the examples to get a better idea.

Then use the Reaction-based Interface to find the exact excerpt you want.

After selecting an excerpt, you can type !gurbani shabad for the Full Shabad of that excerpt. You can also use !gurbani link to open the Shabad in your web browser via GurbaniNow.

You can also type !gurbani next x for x more lines following that line, maxed at 15 and at end of a page.


NOTE: When clicking on the reactions to move pages, you may sometimes have to click twice, once to remove, and once to add.

NOTICE TO ADMINS: GurbaniBot NEEDS the Power to ADD Reactions for Proper Functionality